A high performance home without electric cost

All Eco Series homes are designed and engineered to be high performance homes with superior energy efficiency. This in conjunction with with our standard solar system will always provide our home owners with the luxury of ZERO ELECTRIC COSTS

A series of upgrades that are always included.

Our standard features include upgraded insulation, high efficiency windows, hybrid water heater, LED lighting, granite counter tops, upgraded cabinets and flooring, home automation and a complete solar system that provide your home all the electricity it needs.

The excellent advantage of zero electric bills.

The ECO Series homes are always cheaper to own than the regularly built homes. Even with the numerous upgrades the monthly electric savings are greater than the additional cost of the high performance elements. Thus, why would you ever buy anything else!

Net Zero Energy Home


Madeira Beach is one of the first coastal areas to offer ECO Series Net Zero Energy homes. The good news is that the home is getting ready to go up and it will be built fast. There are several different upgrade options and features for you to select from to customize this beach home exactly the way you like it!

This is the only Net Zero Energy home anywhere in the barrier islands region that offers technologies and high efficency elements not found in other homes in the area. There is only one home available, so please contact us soon!

Living on the beach

Known as one of the Gulf’s most beautiful beaches, Madeira Beach is the place to be for sea lovers! Pristine white sands and calm waters entice visitors year-round. Located off I-275 on the west coast, Madeira Beach is conveniently located between Sarasota and Tampa. International airports are but minutes away! Multiple shopping opportunities are available as well as museums, galleries and boutiques. Water activities abound- charter a deep-sea fishing boat or cruise the inland waterways on a jet ski- there is something for everyone!


Superior Features and Home Elements


Superior energy efficient design with elements not found elsewhere.


Home automation is always a standard feature for our homes.


Superior lighting technology with less energy consumption.


Complete solar technology system is included in every home.


Hybrid waterheater - Most energy efficient on the market.


Many more features and elements not available elsewhere.

Madeira Beach

Legend holds that a pirate named John LeVique was the first European to "settle" the Madeira Beach area. Today, this Gulf of Mexico beach city, just west of St. Petersburg, is best known for the sea-themed John's Pass Village and Boardwalk, which serves up shops and eateries and an 1,100-foot boardwalk along the Intracoastal and just a few blocks away from the EcoVillage Madeira Beach.

Madeira's 2.5-mile beach attracts devotees of sun sea, and fishing as the primary sport activities. More grouper is brought into John's Pass than any other place in the state. In addition, each October, the community hosts the Seafood Festival at John's Pass, which attracts as many as 130,000 visitors to it's celebration of food, music arts and crafts.


Beautiful Designs


Net Zero Energy = No Electric Bill

Having your own solar system producing electricity for your home
is absolutly priceless

Seriously - Do The Math

Electric costs are going up every year. $200 in electric costs today is probably going to be $300 in not so distant future. That is the same as your home loan being $60,000 more.

You can choose to pay $300 a month in electric bills every month, or you can use that money for something else. How about a free cruise every year? Or perhaps 40 rounds of golf, or how about 20 visits to a spa? The choice is yours.

It is a proven fact that high performance homes, and especially homes with solar technology, have a much higher resale value than the homes without this technology. Not only is the resale value higher, but the Net Zero Energy homes sell faster than other homes in the market.


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